Trial Field


Two hectares of land set aside for testing both modern and ancient varieties of wheat, searching each year for new cultivars to introduce to the local farmers that supply us.

A hugely important initiative for the Molini di Voghera company, and the local farmers who supply it with wheat, is the test field it established in 2016.

Two hectares of land are set aside to be cultivated, under the watchful eye of the company, with a view to providing the mill’s suppliers with strong wheat varieties that can one day replace the Bologna wheat they grow today.

“To produce quality flour, one good variety of grain is not enough. You need a range of good varieties, and to know how to blend them.”

Agricultural Year

For this reason, over the last few years the test field has been used to try out a range of new and ancient varieties and assess their characteristics. If the results are good, these alternative varieties are offered to our local suppliers to supplement or replace those that they currently grow.